Our Global Locations

1600 Golf Road,Suit 1200 Rolling Medows,IL 6008.

Office No 1, 2nd floor Plaza 2000, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

565-B rex city road people's colony 1 Faislabad.

In this technological and fast-paced era, it is all about skill, skill, skill. Nobody truly cares about how qualified you are on paper – if you have the skill then you deserve to be in that position.
The corporate world has now become multi-dimensional and also multi-disciplinary, looking for individuals that can fit themselves in this routine of rigor and challenge. Old businesses that have evolved their core values and missions to go with the flow, and to integrate themselves into the rising era of technology have done better than those that continued to hold on to orthodox values and traditional ideals.
NK Group began with all of these considerations of a future world in mind, attempting to evolve not just technologically, but also traditionally. They understood the need for global acceptance and their diverse clientele’s need, diversifying in things that were most likely to be in demand.
Technologically-sound and based around IT development, NK Group produced six companies in a diverse range of industries understanding the demands of the future. For digital branding and social media optimization – for you are who you are on the internet – they began Digital Squad; to cater to futuristic marketing as a means to get your brand’s voice heard, NK began 360MnC; getting into the physical necessities of the modern age, NK established Parisa Building and Construction, a unique and fresh approach to construction and interiors; with Paras Investors, NK tapped another diverse global market – financial security. NK Group also established the Paras Mart, diversifying into that area of online retail and delivery systems, bringing the world to the people.
With this vast range of industries’ expertise, it felt necessary to connect back to your roots. This is where the GET Youth Initiative came in, a way to promote IT-based education to the talented youth of our nation so that they may take their place in the competitive modern world.
This is the core of NK, to be ready for any demand, and to give back to the community simultaneously.